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About the Course

My main goal is to help a student reach musical literacy, technical fluency, understanding of theory, form and analysis, ear training, and musicianship. I strive to strengthen a student's enthusiasm, resiliency, curiosity, understanding, problem solving skills, good practice habits, and techniques as we explore them. 


Lessons are tailored specifically to you and focus on developing your musicianship through a practical and classical approach to music. A practical approach will quickly help you get familiar with the instrument and its basic most popular techniques. Meanwhile, having a classical approach to music will facilitate the learning process through literacy, establish good practice habits, create a more refined technique, and develop a more focused goal-oriented practice. 


Lessons are offered online or in person at my home studio. English or Spanish. Students ages 8 and up with or without experience are welcome. I recommend starting from 30 minute lessons once a week for beginner students. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to have 45 to 60 minute lessons. Below you can find categories of levels, more information about me, and my prices.


  • How to hold the guitar with a good posture.

  • Basic right and left hand techniques.

  • Reading music notation and guitar tablature.

  • Chords, progressions, and strum patterns.

  • Simple melodies and songs.

  • Basic scales and introductory music theory.


  • Refinement of posture and experimentation.

  • Advanced left and right hand techniques.

  • Reading more dense and complex notation in different positions.

  • Chord variations and complex strum patterns.

  • Developmental studies and technical workouts.

  • Intermediate form and analysis, and applied theory.


  • Analyzing and understanding technique to reach proficiency. 

  • Analyzing and understanding harmony in a musical selection. 

  • Detailed work on musical phrasing, dynamics, articulations, and color.

  • Forming chords with extensions and/or inversions in different positions.

  • Advanced studies and technical workouts.

  • Preparation for public performances, college auditions, and competitions.

Teaching Experience

Manuel has been passionately teaching for more than a decade. He has experience teaching all ages ranging from first graders to retirees, in group settings and individually. He teaches in Wisconsin for the Latino Arts Strings Program and Brass Bell Music Store in Milwaukee, and has taught at Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown. From 2020-2022 he was the director of the guitar program at Eastwood High School in El Paso, Texas, with an average of 140 students. Throughout his career he has conducted numerous student ensembles and appeared as the guest conductor for the 2022 Ysleta ISD Honors Guitar Concert composed of students from different institutions within the district. Additionally, he has taught technique workshops, summer intensive courses, held music summer camps, and judged in local competitions. He became a Texas Education Agency (TEA) Certified teacher in 2021 and has a Bachelors  of Arts in Music degree from Texas A&M University and a Master of Music in Guitar Performance degree from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Manuel Rodriguez


  1. Acoustic guitar and case​​.

  2. Foot stool. 

  3. Guitar tuner.​​

  4. Staff and tablature paper.

  5. Notebook.

  6. Method book(s) - I will recommend according to your level and goals.


Online or in-person individual lesson:

30 minutes / $40

45 minutes / $50

60 minutes / $60

*I accept cash, checks, and electronic payments through Zelle.

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