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About the Course

My goal is to develop your skills to their highest potential, improve your understanding of music, and to find joy playing the violin. Lessons will be tailored specifically to each student and include learning correct technique, practicing the repertoire, and simply enjoying the experience. As a classically trained musician, I believe that correct technique and efficient practicing are the key to being able to play any music and style you wish.


Lessons are offered in person at my home studio. Students ages 8 and up with or without experience are welcome. I recommend starting from 30 minute lessons once a week for beginner students. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to have 60 minute lessons. Below you can find categories of levels, more information about me, and my prices.


  • Bow hold and correct posture

  • Learning music notation

  • Simple pieces

  • Music theory and basic scales


  • Scales and advance technical exercises

  • Sight-reading skills

  • More complex materials


  • Detailed work on musical phrasing, dynamics, articulations, and color.

  • Preparation for chamber, orchestra and solo performances.

  •  Advanced technical etudes, exercises and repertoire.

Teaching Experience

Born in Ukraine, Iuliia has been playing the violin since the age of six. After graduating from the Lviv National Music Academy where she received her Bachelor and Master degrees in violin performance, Iuliia performed with the Lviv International Symphony Orchestra (INSO-Lviv) for five years. During that time she performed at numerous festivals in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Poland. In 2013, Iuliia decided to pursue her musical training in the United States. She received an artist diploma in violin performance from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with Professor Mark Zelmanovich in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 Iuliia performed in master classes with Rachel Barton Pine, Mimi Zweig, and Clara-Jumi Kang at UW-Milwaukee. She also served as the concertmaster of the UW-Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for three consecutive years. Iuliia holds a master's degree in Chamber Music Performance from UW-Milwaukee, where she studied under Dr. Bernard Zinck. As a teaching assistant, she was teaching violin to undergraduates of the UWM violin studio. As a violin instructor, Iuliia uses different teaching methods and studies such as Suzuki, Franco-Belgium School, Russian School (Yankelevich), and Czech School (Ševčík and Schradieck). Her goal as a music teacher is to share music knowledge with all of her students and their parents. Iuliia’s diverse background as a musician gives an opportunity to students not only to learn about violin performance, but to have a full understanding of music history and violin within its place. Currently Iuliia is working at Wauwatosa School of Music as a violin instructor and at Brass Bell Music Store in the Education Department.


Iuliia Mykolyk


  1. Violin - (fractional size for younger students).

  2. Bow.

  3. Shoulder pad or shoulder rest.

  4. Rosin.

  5. Cleaning cloth.

  6. Manuscript paper.

  7. Notebook.

  8. Method book(s) - I will recommend according to your level and goals.


Online or in-person individual lesson:

30 minutes / $40

45 minutes / $50

60 minutes / $60

*I accept cash, checks, and electronic payments through Zelle. 

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